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COP 28 – Shaping the Future of Shipping: Delivering a Net-Zero World

Shaping the Future of Shipping will be the flagship shipping event at COP28 in Dubai. The conference will address key strategic issues in shipping’s rapidly evolving decarbonisation journey and will showcase it’s efforts to decarbonise and to deliver a sustainable and equitable future for the industry.

The event presents a major opportunity for industry leaders to meet and discuss with government representatives, regulators and policymakers at the negotiations, and to seek the high-level political support needed to ensure progress of the industry’s decarbonisation activities.

The 2023 COP28 meeting in Dubai is a key point on the pathway to global decarbonisation being the halfway point between the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement and 2030 and represents a key opportunity to assess progress and plan future actions.

Shipping cannot act in isolation and needs the support of governments to ensure it has an appropriate regulatory environment in which to operate in order to enable and de-risk shipping’s energy transition.

Shipping is the carrier and enabler of more than 80% of the world’s trade and currently carries a third of the world’s energy supplies and in a decarbonised future is expected to carry more than half of its energy.

The message to the COP28 attendees is that shipping is instrumental to global decarbonisation: without the ships to transport sustainable fuels and without the fuel to decarbonise shipping, there can be no global decarbonisation.

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